Thursday, October 28, 2010

A new day

Well my life has been pure chaos all summer. i have slacked off in writing in this and the last few weeks I have slacked off on my weight loss plan.
My dear sweet hubby was off most of the summer with a slipped disk in his back that his stupid disability insurance that his company has NEVER paid him for cause apparently "patient can not bend twist or lift and can not work" isn't a good enough reason to be off work. Anyway after emptying all of out accounts going to the county for help and taking out a loan to pay house payment utilities and other day to day survival expenses hubby went back to work. His back is much better although not completely healed he can once more move and do what he needs to. After being back at work for a mear 4 weeks my hubby comes home from work one night at 2am with his right leg swelled up to three times its normal size! So we talk about his leg for a bit and he said that his bro and sis in law had said something about his leg the day before I also had said his leg looked swelled before he went to work he didn't say to much before than. SO he goes to the doc the next morning, and comes home with the report that he needs to have surgery on his varicose veins in that leg cause they had gotten so bad they were seeping blood and fluid into his leg!!! Great!! So he is off work again waiting for the surgeons appointment. Which unless he gets called in cause some one cancels wont be till nov 12th! This poor guy what else could happen this year.
So needless to say my weigh loss has gone amuck. So today I am starting over and have eaten really well today. if I remember I will come back later and write my ending points for the day! Ok gotta run catch ya later!

Monday, September 13, 2010

falling apart!

well this has got to be the worst Monday ever and its only noon! Our fight with Nate's disability company continues. They were supposed to contact us by Fri to make there decision on the appeal we sent. of coarse they didn't call so Nate called this morning. and they told hi that they didn't have enough information to overturn his first and second denial. They never should have denied him in the first place. he pays for short term disability insurance and he filed all the paper work they asked for and the doctor sent them his entire file. How the HELL can they not accept his claim and pay him!! Some companies are such screw jobs!!! So if you have sedwick CMS for your disability insurance they are gonna screw you so be ready. Now to figure out where to get cash to get caught up and pay mortgages! Anyone want to buy anything! I have tons of Elvis collectibles and some discontinued NASCAR die cast cars. I just wanna crawl in a whole! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Challenge

This will be really quick but we just started a new 12 week challenge in m BLC! I even got the hubby to join the two of us together we are gonna rock it!! We will do great motivating each other! I am excited to get out of the 220s and maybe even into onederland!! Ok gotta go to bed! See ya later!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm melting!!!!

OK so I am not really melting but I had my weight watchers weigh in and i was shocked. I lost 3.6 pounds this week. Which means I am down 17 pounds in 13 weeks!!!!! I about flipped I am out of the 220s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I had to run home and try on a smaller size and wouldnt ya know it most of them fit! There were a few brands that didnt fit but thats ok cause i know they run smaller. So yahoo for me!

Also we finally had our emergency assistance appt on tuesday. only 5 weeks after I went in and asked for help. Another shock we were approved!! So we have help paying bills and keeping my family fed till nate gets back to work!! Thank god!!

Hmm not sure what else to say my brain is shutting down its to late to think of anything else. Good night all!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On my way down!

In my weight anyway! So I joined weight watchers to help support me in my weight loss journey. I am doing well but I am an emotional eater and things are really crazy at my house so to keep myself from eating everything in site I have talked to my doc and he has put me on an appetite suppressant. Yeah I know what you are going to say those aren't healthy. Well long term use no they probably aren't but I will be on them no longer than 6 months. By that time frame I will have shrunk and so will my stomach and my eating habits will have changed. So I am not worried. Please don't judge me for needing he extra help.

So in 12 weeks at weight watchers I am down 14.2 pounds and lost 8 inches. I walk when i can but my life is so crazy that I don't have time most days.

I need to better organize my day but really have no idea where to start. i love the fly lady and I haven't had the energy to put her plan to work. its a great plan if you USE it! My biggest problem is the toys all over! There has got to be a better way but i have no idea what to do! Money is tight so investing in a really nice cabinet or something. If any of my followers have any idea please pass them on.

I am thankful i have a wonderful family and hubby that understand my crazyness.

Hubby goes back to work after being off since June 8th. He slipped a disk in his back and been undergoing treatments and therapy since. he is finally cleared to go back to work. Only I wish he worked somewhere else. his current employer is a complete hell hole. they treat there employees like horse crap and if you have been there for a while but not to the retiring age they will do everything in there power to get rid of you so they can hire someone new and pay them less. He has applied to drive truck over the road (which he did before this job), but we havent heard anything back. i really hope they call him tomorrow so he can tell his current employer to shove it straight up there ass!! Plus there stupid disablitly insurance has yet to pay him for the time he has been off so we have been living off my 200 a week. I swear I am about to go crazy!

Ok well i cant think of much else to ramble on about so i am off to clean my dining room. I soooooo need a maid!! Any volunteers? I will pay you in home cooked food? Ok I am off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will this ever end!

OK so we have been having a week from hell! if it can go wrong it has this week. I will put here what i vented to my online mommy team on Here it is

I am not one to complain, but.....I cant take it anymore!

My hubby has been off work since the end of July with a slipped disk in his back and he has been going to therapy to fix it so he doesn't have to have surgery. Anyway since he has been off we have been fighting with his disability insurance through his work to cover his claim and pay him. They have denied him twice now once for more information and the second time for not being able to read the doctors notes!!!!! So now we are in appeals with them to try to get something if we don't get approved we have to figure out how to pay back the one check they sent him. We are trying to live off my 200 a week check from the daycare kids. That doesn't even cover our mortgages!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I went the county to file for emergency assistance and I had to wait for an appt two weeks away than they just called today and said they needed to reschedule cause we had a different case worker. so now our new appt is the 25th OF F$w@%$%#$ AUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice #^$%$^$## emergency assistance. how the hell am i supposed to feed my fam and pay bills till than!!!!!!!!!!! i swear I just wanna roll into a ball and cry for days.

Than on top of that like it could get any better!!! i am loosing weight yeah great I don't have any fricking summer clothes that fit!!! I have two pairs of size 22 shorts that are falling off!!!!! I am in a size 18 and all i have are pants! LOL UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On top of the above mess my van is running like crap so don't wanna take it out of town. I hope that the appeal gets approved so we can go back to living our life! This stress is killing me pretty soon you are going to need to put me in a fucking white jacket!!! My poor hubby I know it is getting to him to but he has to stop blaming him self! its nto his fault the disk slipped and he is off work. It his damn insurance disability's fault for causing so much stress.

I am on vacation next week (paid thank god) and we cant do anything with the kids I feel bad for the kids that we cant go anywhere. oh well such is life!!

On a lighter note I lost 12.4 pounds in 10 weeks with weight watchers!! I WILL BE SKINNY!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good bye weekend you will be missed!

Weekends just go way to frickin fast! It was a busy weekend, as always.

We had Sam's 3rd birthday party on sat a lot of great friends and family came over, and she got a lot of wonderful gifts. Thank you to all that came and wished my sammy Happy birthday!

Today we went to my home town celebration. the kids had fun at the parade. We went to the park for free water melon and some kiddie fun! Got home around 8. really tired and ate horrably thsi weekend oh well tomorrow is a new day. time to dress to shoes!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well not to bad its only been a few days! I have eaten terrible since weigh in!! Bad bad girl. its my 3rd child's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I am so not ready I have a ton of cleaning to do yet. Oh well it will get done. its 1am and we are just now baking cakes LOL. Oh well.

The kids i watch left early tonight so I got to go visit and have cocktails with my neighbor! That was fun.

My hubby also got an on call computer job!! He needs a foot in the door so he can get the people experience before he graduates. he is almsot done with college he will graduate in April! i am so proud of him! Oh well cant keep my eyes open anymore off to bed I go so i can get up early and get back to work!

When do I ever get a day off!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Well i am terrible about writing here LOL. leaving all three of my followers hanging LOL. Anyway I was talking to my friend Heather last night and me and her are on the same path over wight and hating it!! I over ate over the 4th of July. i finally reversed the damage i did. At least i hope so my scale was nice to me this morning so we will see if its as kind tomorrow at weigh in!

Well today was a good day. i picked up to more kids for my daycare. yahoo!! We so need the cash right now. Nate's disability claim was denied so other than my checks we have NO money coming in from him. Sucks once that get approved and with my new kids we will be doing awesome!

I also watched the episode of deadliest catch where Phil died!! So sad! i feel so bad for his boys I KNOW how they feel i lost my dad 13 years ago. It brought back many feelings. I am still a blathering idiot as i type this and its several hours later. I soo need to figure out how to get a captain Phil T-shirt!

OK well cant think of more to say I have an alarm set on my phone so I am hopeing to be back here tomorrow ranting about who knows what LOL

See Ya!

Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning I kissed the 230's good by I will never ever see you again!!!! I WILL BE SKINNY!!

Ok that is all for now!!

Catch up!

Well i am terrible at remembering to do this!! There is a few things to catch up on. Lets see... first I have rejoined weight watchers. I am sick of being fat I absolutely hate how my body looks!!! So i am on a mission to get skinny. I have a really good friend Michelle that is my motivation she went from my size to looking fabulous!!! She is so beautiful and in great shape! i WILL look like that one day!!

I have also done another 5k. I did much better this time. I improved my time from 55.27 to 49.56 and I came in 7th out of 30 instead of dead last LOL. I am so proud of myself! I would have never imagined a fat girl like me even doing a 5k but I did TWO of them and completed them both!!

Lets see what else. My other good friend came and high lighted my hair and my 10 year olds hair. I love it! She did a great job!

Well I better get moving I have a scarf to finish for an order. if you would like to check out my products go to
I can custom make most everything there. More items will be added this weekend!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday after the 5k

Ok well it has been a few days since my first 5k. I didnt do to bad for a fat girl. I finish dead last at 55.27. i am proud that I finished it and I am proud for doing it in the first place. I have made a vow to myself after that race that I WILL NEVER be last again!! I was the biggest woman there the next biggest person was 60 to 70 pounds lighter than i was. I am paying for it a little bit for the race as my plantar fasciitis flared up. I gave my foot sunday off but I am back at it now I have cut my route in half and am walking it for now cause my foot still hurts. I did run it a bit today but just a bit before my foot revolted and said you better stop running or you are going to be crawling home!

Hmm what else to get off my brain. My tummy is a little upset not sure if it was something i ate or if its the appetite suppressant I am taking. I know if i over eat it makes me nauseous. that is a good way to keep me in check. i am also eating better not a lot of junk. I have been adding a serving of dark chocolate into my calories so i can have my treats and not pay for it later. Ok I think i am done. LOL

Off to soak in the tub. Than add more goodies to my web store check it out let me know what ya think!

Ok night all

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random thoughts before bed

Wow my first blog post. I am sitting here talking to a good friend of mine(Misty) on Facebook and decided to go hunting for a good place to write my thoughts. Where better than a place called blogger LOL. Looking for a name for my blog was fun. Wanted something fun not to serious and fluffy. Cause I am so not a fluffy person. Anyway its all set up so here is my first thought.

My daycare kids jsut got picked up somewhat early if you can call 1 am early. LOL The kids for the most part were good jsut really frickin loud! I haven't been feeling to good today so didn't get to much done. I will need to do a few thing when i wake up but the house is finally getting into a groove.

Well all my thoughts went out the window must mean its time for bed. off I go see ya world tomorrow!