Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will this ever end!

OK so we have been having a week from hell! if it can go wrong it has this week. I will put here what i vented to my online mommy team on Here it is

I am not one to complain, but.....I cant take it anymore!

My hubby has been off work since the end of July with a slipped disk in his back and he has been going to therapy to fix it so he doesn't have to have surgery. Anyway since he has been off we have been fighting with his disability insurance through his work to cover his claim and pay him. They have denied him twice now once for more information and the second time for not being able to read the doctors notes!!!!! So now we are in appeals with them to try to get something if we don't get approved we have to figure out how to pay back the one check they sent him. We are trying to live off my 200 a week check from the daycare kids. That doesn't even cover our mortgages!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I went the county to file for emergency assistance and I had to wait for an appt two weeks away than they just called today and said they needed to reschedule cause we had a different case worker. so now our new appt is the 25th OF F$w@%$%#$ AUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice #^$%$^$## emergency assistance. how the hell am i supposed to feed my fam and pay bills till than!!!!!!!!!!! i swear I just wanna roll into a ball and cry for days.

Than on top of that like it could get any better!!! i am loosing weight yeah great I don't have any fricking summer clothes that fit!!! I have two pairs of size 22 shorts that are falling off!!!!! I am in a size 18 and all i have are pants! LOL UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On top of the above mess my van is running like crap so don't wanna take it out of town. I hope that the appeal gets approved so we can go back to living our life! This stress is killing me pretty soon you are going to need to put me in a fucking white jacket!!! My poor hubby I know it is getting to him to but he has to stop blaming him self! its nto his fault the disk slipped and he is off work. It his damn insurance disability's fault for causing so much stress.

I am on vacation next week (paid thank god) and we cant do anything with the kids I feel bad for the kids that we cant go anywhere. oh well such is life!!

On a lighter note I lost 12.4 pounds in 10 weeks with weight watchers!! I WILL BE SKINNY!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good bye weekend you will be missed!

Weekends just go way to frickin fast! It was a busy weekend, as always.

We had Sam's 3rd birthday party on sat a lot of great friends and family came over, and she got a lot of wonderful gifts. Thank you to all that came and wished my sammy Happy birthday!

Today we went to my home town celebration. the kids had fun at the parade. We went to the park for free water melon and some kiddie fun! Got home around 8. really tired and ate horrably thsi weekend oh well tomorrow is a new day. time to dress to shoes!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well not to bad its only been a few days! I have eaten terrible since weigh in!! Bad bad girl. its my 3rd child's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I am so not ready I have a ton of cleaning to do yet. Oh well it will get done. its 1am and we are just now baking cakes LOL. Oh well.

The kids i watch left early tonight so I got to go visit and have cocktails with my neighbor! That was fun.

My hubby also got an on call computer job!! He needs a foot in the door so he can get the people experience before he graduates. he is almsot done with college he will graduate in April! i am so proud of him! Oh well cant keep my eyes open anymore off to bed I go so i can get up early and get back to work!

When do I ever get a day off!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Well i am terrible about writing here LOL. leaving all three of my followers hanging LOL. Anyway I was talking to my friend Heather last night and me and her are on the same path over wight and hating it!! I over ate over the 4th of July. i finally reversed the damage i did. At least i hope so my scale was nice to me this morning so we will see if its as kind tomorrow at weigh in!

Well today was a good day. i picked up to more kids for my daycare. yahoo!! We so need the cash right now. Nate's disability claim was denied so other than my checks we have NO money coming in from him. Sucks once that get approved and with my new kids we will be doing awesome!

I also watched the episode of deadliest catch where Phil died!! So sad! i feel so bad for his boys I KNOW how they feel i lost my dad 13 years ago. It brought back many feelings. I am still a blathering idiot as i type this and its several hours later. I soo need to figure out how to get a captain Phil T-shirt!

OK well cant think of more to say I have an alarm set on my phone so I am hopeing to be back here tomorrow ranting about who knows what LOL

See Ya!