Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Monday

Well I have all my children back under one roof. My mom took my two little ones all last week. It was nice trying to get a grip on how to juggle all my jobs and take care of my sweety. Now I add back in the two little ones and its not so bad so far so good. Also back to cooking as we ate out most of last week.

I am so excited we got a letter in the mail today that said Nate was approved for work comp payment! So we will get a paycheck from them every week so that will be nice. I need to get a budget set again.

Lets see I am also going back to my Doc tomorrow to see my progress on my weight loss. I think it is going good had a small hiccup this weekend but not bad.

I also have rearranged the living room and need to finish going through all the toys before my other two daycare kids come. I had to let the newest daycare kid go as all he did when he was here was cry and whine. there is only so many hours of that i can take. He is used to be picked up and carried all the time. i don't have time to do that so he cried. and it wasn't just a normal cry it was the most annoying thing i have ever heard!

OK I better sign off i have to finish picking up the toys. hopefully be back tomorrow! later all!

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