Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday after the 5k

Ok well it has been a few days since my first 5k. I didnt do to bad for a fat girl. I finish dead last at 55.27. i am proud that I finished it and I am proud for doing it in the first place. I have made a vow to myself after that race that I WILL NEVER be last again!! I was the biggest woman there the next biggest person was 60 to 70 pounds lighter than i was. I am paying for it a little bit for the race as my plantar fasciitis flared up. I gave my foot sunday off but I am back at it now I have cut my route in half and am walking it for now cause my foot still hurts. I did run it a bit today but just a bit before my foot revolted and said you better stop running or you are going to be crawling home!

Hmm what else to get off my brain. My tummy is a little upset not sure if it was something i ate or if its the appetite suppressant I am taking. I know if i over eat it makes me nauseous. that is a good way to keep me in check. i am also eating better not a lot of junk. I have been adding a serving of dark chocolate into my calories so i can have my treats and not pay for it later. Ok I think i am done. LOL

Off to soak in the tub. Than add more goodies to my web store ajschrom.etsy.com check it out let me know what ya think!

Ok night all

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random thoughts before bed

Wow my first blog post. I am sitting here talking to a good friend of mine(Misty) on Facebook and decided to go hunting for a good place to write my thoughts. Where better than a place called blogger LOL. Looking for a name for my blog was fun. Wanted something fun not to serious and fluffy. Cause I am so not a fluffy person. Anyway its all set up so here is my first thought.

My daycare kids jsut got picked up somewhat early if you can call 1 am early. LOL The kids for the most part were good jsut really frickin loud! I haven't been feeling to good today so didn't get to much done. I will need to do a few thing when i wake up but the house is finally getting into a groove.

Well all my thoughts went out the window must mean its time for bed. off I go see ya world tomorrow!