Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random thoughts before bed

Wow my first blog post. I am sitting here talking to a good friend of mine(Misty) on Facebook and decided to go hunting for a good place to write my thoughts. Where better than a place called blogger LOL. Looking for a name for my blog was fun. Wanted something fun not to serious and fluffy. Cause I am so not a fluffy person. Anyway its all set up so here is my first thought.

My daycare kids jsut got picked up somewhat early if you can call 1 am early. LOL The kids for the most part were good jsut really frickin loud! I haven't been feeling to good today so didn't get to much done. I will need to do a few thing when i wake up but the house is finally getting into a groove.

Well all my thoughts went out the window must mean its time for bed. off I go see ya world tomorrow!

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