Friday, June 11, 2010

Catch up!

Well i am terrible at remembering to do this!! There is a few things to catch up on. Lets see... first I have rejoined weight watchers. I am sick of being fat I absolutely hate how my body looks!!! So i am on a mission to get skinny. I have a really good friend Michelle that is my motivation she went from my size to looking fabulous!!! She is so beautiful and in great shape! i WILL look like that one day!!

I have also done another 5k. I did much better this time. I improved my time from 55.27 to 49.56 and I came in 7th out of 30 instead of dead last LOL. I am so proud of myself! I would have never imagined a fat girl like me even doing a 5k but I did TWO of them and completed them both!!

Lets see what else. My other good friend came and high lighted my hair and my 10 year olds hair. I love it! She did a great job!

Well I better get moving I have a scarf to finish for an order. if you would like to check out my products go to
I can custom make most everything there. More items will be added this weekend!

Have a great day!

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