Monday, September 13, 2010

falling apart!

well this has got to be the worst Monday ever and its only noon! Our fight with Nate's disability company continues. They were supposed to contact us by Fri to make there decision on the appeal we sent. of coarse they didn't call so Nate called this morning. and they told hi that they didn't have enough information to overturn his first and second denial. They never should have denied him in the first place. he pays for short term disability insurance and he filed all the paper work they asked for and the doctor sent them his entire file. How the HELL can they not accept his claim and pay him!! Some companies are such screw jobs!!! So if you have sedwick CMS for your disability insurance they are gonna screw you so be ready. Now to figure out where to get cash to get caught up and pay mortgages! Anyone want to buy anything! I have tons of Elvis collectibles and some discontinued NASCAR die cast cars. I just wanna crawl in a whole! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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