Thursday, October 28, 2010

A new day

Well my life has been pure chaos all summer. i have slacked off in writing in this and the last few weeks I have slacked off on my weight loss plan.
My dear sweet hubby was off most of the summer with a slipped disk in his back that his stupid disability insurance that his company has NEVER paid him for cause apparently "patient can not bend twist or lift and can not work" isn't a good enough reason to be off work. Anyway after emptying all of out accounts going to the county for help and taking out a loan to pay house payment utilities and other day to day survival expenses hubby went back to work. His back is much better although not completely healed he can once more move and do what he needs to. After being back at work for a mear 4 weeks my hubby comes home from work one night at 2am with his right leg swelled up to three times its normal size! So we talk about his leg for a bit and he said that his bro and sis in law had said something about his leg the day before I also had said his leg looked swelled before he went to work he didn't say to much before than. SO he goes to the doc the next morning, and comes home with the report that he needs to have surgery on his varicose veins in that leg cause they had gotten so bad they were seeping blood and fluid into his leg!!! Great!! So he is off work again waiting for the surgeons appointment. Which unless he gets called in cause some one cancels wont be till nov 12th! This poor guy what else could happen this year.
So needless to say my weigh loss has gone amuck. So today I am starting over and have eaten really well today. if I remember I will come back later and write my ending points for the day! Ok gotta run catch ya later!

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