Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Well i am terrible about writing here LOL. leaving all three of my followers hanging LOL. Anyway I was talking to my friend Heather last night and me and her are on the same path over wight and hating it!! I over ate over the 4th of July. i finally reversed the damage i did. At least i hope so my scale was nice to me this morning so we will see if its as kind tomorrow at weigh in!

Well today was a good day. i picked up to more kids for my daycare. yahoo!! We so need the cash right now. Nate's disability claim was denied so other than my checks we have NO money coming in from him. Sucks once that get approved and with my new kids we will be doing awesome!

I also watched the episode of deadliest catch where Phil died!! So sad! i feel so bad for his boys I KNOW how they feel i lost my dad 13 years ago. It brought back many feelings. I am still a blathering idiot as i type this and its several hours later. I soo need to figure out how to get a captain Phil T-shirt!

OK well cant think of more to say I have an alarm set on my phone so I am hopeing to be back here tomorrow ranting about who knows what LOL

See Ya!

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