Friday, July 16, 2010


Well not to bad its only been a few days! I have eaten terrible since weigh in!! Bad bad girl. its my 3rd child's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I am so not ready I have a ton of cleaning to do yet. Oh well it will get done. its 1am and we are just now baking cakes LOL. Oh well.

The kids i watch left early tonight so I got to go visit and have cocktails with my neighbor! That was fun.

My hubby also got an on call computer job!! He needs a foot in the door so he can get the people experience before he graduates. he is almsot done with college he will graduate in April! i am so proud of him! Oh well cant keep my eyes open anymore off to bed I go so i can get up early and get back to work!

When do I ever get a day off!!

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