Sunday, August 22, 2010

On my way down!

In my weight anyway! So I joined weight watchers to help support me in my weight loss journey. I am doing well but I am an emotional eater and things are really crazy at my house so to keep myself from eating everything in site I have talked to my doc and he has put me on an appetite suppressant. Yeah I know what you are going to say those aren't healthy. Well long term use no they probably aren't but I will be on them no longer than 6 months. By that time frame I will have shrunk and so will my stomach and my eating habits will have changed. So I am not worried. Please don't judge me for needing he extra help.

So in 12 weeks at weight watchers I am down 14.2 pounds and lost 8 inches. I walk when i can but my life is so crazy that I don't have time most days.

I need to better organize my day but really have no idea where to start. i love the fly lady and I haven't had the energy to put her plan to work. its a great plan if you USE it! My biggest problem is the toys all over! There has got to be a better way but i have no idea what to do! Money is tight so investing in a really nice cabinet or something. If any of my followers have any idea please pass them on.

I am thankful i have a wonderful family and hubby that understand my crazyness.

Hubby goes back to work after being off since June 8th. He slipped a disk in his back and been undergoing treatments and therapy since. he is finally cleared to go back to work. Only I wish he worked somewhere else. his current employer is a complete hell hole. they treat there employees like horse crap and if you have been there for a while but not to the retiring age they will do everything in there power to get rid of you so they can hire someone new and pay them less. He has applied to drive truck over the road (which he did before this job), but we havent heard anything back. i really hope they call him tomorrow so he can tell his current employer to shove it straight up there ass!! Plus there stupid disablitly insurance has yet to pay him for the time he has been off so we have been living off my 200 a week. I swear I am about to go crazy!

Ok well i cant think of much else to ramble on about so i am off to clean my dining room. I soooooo need a maid!! Any volunteers? I will pay you in home cooked food? Ok I am off.

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